DTE Information System [DIS]

Portal Intgrating: Plan Progress, Nonplan Expenditure, Economic Review, Activity Report, Young Innovators Programme[YIP], and BoG of Polytechnic Colleges

Plan Progress

Utilisation of Government Funds provide in the Plan Budget with respect to the scheme implemented by the Department of Technical Education Department.

Activity Report

The compilationm of the diverse activities going on the institutions under DTE is done through a dedicated system. The online facility is prepared to generate the report with effective compilation of data including the number of beneficiaries, fund utilised, and impact of the activities.

YIP Report

YIP is a specially designed programme under Kerala Development & Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC). It aims to empower future innovators to innovate new products, services or models to meet emerging requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs of the society more effectively through an innovative challenge.

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